S3 V Trading Group Co., Ltd. Profile

  • Welcome to S3 V Trading Group Co., Ltd.
    S3 V Trading Group Co., Ltd. is a large and professional on truck scale, crusher spare parts and storage racking systems company, registered locally under the prevailing laws of Royal Cambodian Government which intent to cater for the growing opportunity in the construction agriculture and industry brought about by the political in the country.
  • Our Management Team
    With the present management team of dedicated & dynamic personnel who posse‚Äôs wide range of experience in various field of specialization, the company is now preparing to diversify into other areas of opportunities. 
  • Weighing & Digital Scale Equipment
    • Truck Scale
    • Digital Counting Scale
    • Digital Weighing Scale
    • Waterproof Scale
    • Gold Weighing Scale
    • Bench Scale
    • Floor Scale
    • Crane Scale
    • Grain Moisture Tester
    + Crusher Part (Casting Supply)
    • Concave & Mantle
    • Jaw Plate
    • Conveyor Belt
    + Industrial Storage Racking System
    • Selective Rack
    • Medium Rack
    • Mezzanine Floor
    • Steel Pallet Racking
    • Drive in Rack
    • Double Deep Rack
    • Mobile Racking
    • Flow Rack
    • Push Back Rack
  • + Lifting Equipment
    • Forklift
    • Reach Truck
    • Hand Stacker
    • Full Electric Stacker
    • Hand Pallet Truck
    • Scissors lift
    • Electric Pallet Truck
    • Semi-Electric Stacker
    • Electric Stacker
    • Reach Truck
    • Double Deep Reach Truck
    • VNA Reach Truck
    • 3Wheel Forklift
    • Electric Forklift
    • Diesel Forklift
    • LPG Forklift
    + Plastic Product
    • Plastic Basket
    • Plastic Pallet
    • Plastic Curtain Chiller
  • Push Back Rack
    Push Back Rack
    The advantages of Push Back Racking Systems: Single handing aisle. Front-only loading unloading. No forklift activity in rack lane. Fast picking rate. Extremely small footprint(up to 30%).
  • Medium Rack
    Medium Rack
    The advantages of Medium Rack:
    Ideal for warehouse, store, plant and office.
    Suitable for large volume storage of small parts particularly in the automotive, electrics and hardware retail industries.
    easy to assemble and dismantle.
    Combination of plastic bin storage or carton box.
  • Flow Rack
    Flow Rack
    The advantages of Flow Rack:
    Parts easily identifiable and assessable.
    Large volume, small footprint.
    Highly versatile.
    Perfect for small assembly parts.
    Enables perfect pallet turnover (FIFO principle).
  • Mobile Racking
    Mobile Racking
    The advantages of Mobile Racking Systems:
    • Minimizes construction cost
    • Temporary storage
    • Can be used as extensions for constructions
    • Storage can be increased to the highest level
    • Can utilize the hole space for storage
    • Less expensive
    • Can hold a great density of storage
  • Mezzanine Floor
    Mezzanine Floor
    The advantages of Mezzanine Floors:
    • This is fastest way to add extra floor space.
    • can be designed to maximum available ceiling height.
    • structure steel staircase, loading gates and safety hand rails are custom designed and fabricated according to the shape of the racking design .
  • Drive In Rack
    Drive In Rack
    The advantages of Drive In Rack:
    • High density storage.
    • High optimization of warehouse space.
    • Reduction in goods damage.
    • Ideal for batch dispatching.
  • Double Deep Rack
    Double Deep Rack
    The advantages of Double Depp Racking Systems:
    • Lower beam level required for some types equipment.
    • Operates up to height of 10-12m.
    • Average order picking, 50% selective.
    • Recommend the use of pallet rails or pallet support bars.
    • above 4m, to improve safety of the operation.
  • Selective_rack
    The advantages of Selective Racking Systems:
    • First in First out (FIFO) inventory management.
    • High visibility of goods stored.
    • Reduction in goods damage.
    • Multi product location.